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This document outlines the procedures N & M Immigration Lawyers follows to address, document, investigate, and resolve complaints concerning its services.

Service Standards

N & M Immigration Lawyers is committed to upholding the highest standards of service and client care for all its clients. Should we fall short in this regard, we encourage you to notify us of the issue so that we can work together to rectify it. Your feedback will not only aid in resolving immediate concerns but will also contribute to the enhancement of our services.

Initiating a Complaint

N & M Immigration Lawyers endeavors to provide you with the opportunity to express your concerns and strives to collaborate with you to resolve any issues.

If any aspect of our service leaves you dissatisfied, it’s advisable to initially discuss your concerns with your designated adviser to explore possible swift resolutions.

If you’ve already communicated your concerns to your adviser or are uncomfortable discussing them with them directly, you may opt to initiate a formal complaint. This can be done either verbally or in writing to Nduba Maggie MBANGU, who holds the position of Head of Advice at N & M Immigration Lawyers.

Contact details for Nduba Maggie Mbangu:

Email: Nduba.m@nmils.com

Contact Number:


Nduba Maggie Mbangu is tasked with handling complaints regarding immigration advice and services provided by N & M Immigration Lawyers.

Subsequent Steps

Following the receipt of your complaint, Nduba Maggie Mbangu will provide an acknowledgment within 5 working days.

Our investigation will then be conducted, and you can expect a response within 14 working days from the time we receive your complaint. If any alterations are necessary to this timeline, we will notify you promptly, along with an explanation for the adjustment.

Your complaint will be documented in a central register, and a separate file or section within your case file will be dedicated to recording the details of the complaint, our investigation, and our response.

Investigation Process

Nduba Maggie Mbangu will request input from the N & M Immigration Lawyers adviser responsible for your case, seeking their response to your complaint.

After reviewing the adviser’s response, along with the information provided in the complaint and any other pertinent material (such as your case file contents), Nduba Maggie Mbangu will assess the situation.

Subsequently, Nduba Maggie Mbangu will draft a written response, which will be dispatched to you. This response will outline the findings of the complaint investigation and offer recommendations for resolving the matter.

Should you be contemplating legal action against N & M Immigration Lawyers, please be aware that we carry Professional Indemnity Insurance to address relevant claims.

Should you remain unsatisfied with our response or choose not to pursue the complaint with N & M Immigration Lawyers, you retain the option to approach the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) directly.

Contact Information for OISC:

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)

Complaints Team

PO Box 567



Telephone: 0345 000 0046

Email: complaints@oisc.gov.uk

Website: www.oisc.gov.uk