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Child Visitor Visa

The Child Visitor Visa permits individuals under 18 to travel to the UK for family visits or educational purposes. It falls within the Standard Visitor Visa category and is typically valid for a duration of up to six months.

If you (or your child) are applying for this visa, it is essential to demonstrate suitable accommodation and care arrangements during your stay. Additionally, you must prove that you have a parent or guardian in your home country who holds responsibility for your well-being.

Our team of highly qualified lawyers is ready to assist you with your Child Visitor Visa application. An experienced lawyer will guide you through the eligibility assessment, meticulously complete your application, conduct a comprehensive document review, and provide a supportive Letter of Representation. This letter outlines the strengths of your case, references your supporting documents, and cites relevant UK immigration laws in support of your application.

When you or your child visit the UK as a child visitor, it’s important to note that the maximum allowable duration for your stay is six months. If you were initially granted leave to enter the UK for a period of three months, this specific timeframe will be explicitly recorded in your passport.

Should you wish to extend your stay as a Child Visitor beyond the initially granted duration, you have the option to apply for a Child Visitor extension. This extension can be sought through the FLR(O) application process.

It is crucial to understand that as a visitor, your stay in the UK cannot exceed six months. You are expected to adhere to this limit and make arrangements to return to your home country when your visa expires. This requirement is in line with the rules governing visitor visas in the UK, which are designed for temporary visits and not for long-term residence. Failure to comply with these regulations can have implications for future visa applications and your immigration status in the UK.