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Our Sponsorship Licence Service

Our Package for business

Explore our comprehensive sponsor license packages, available at competitive rates ranging from £1500 to £4,000. The exact cost is determined by the complexity of your unique case. Importantly, each of our sponsor licenses includes the same reassuring money-back guarantee, providing you with added confidence in your application’s success. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your license with us today!

A sponsorship license in this category empowers employers to engage foreign and migrant workers. Within our comprehensive Skilled Worker/Tier 2 Sponsorship service, our team of solicitors and lawyers takes charge of every step, handling all requisite paperwork, meticulously preparing it for submission, offering guidance on the optimal supporting documents, and ensuring a thorough submission.

Our sponsorship license experts craft a meticulous cover letter that elucidates the application process and effectively references the supporting documents, fully aligning with the governing regulations and guidelines. We persistently strive for perfection, leaving no stone unturned until the case is impeccably prepared.

Our commitment extends to supporting businesses across all industries in the UK. Given the heightened scrutiny of applications, we’ve established specialized teams with expertise in the food and hospitality, IT and software, and construction sectors. Additionally, for urgent cases, we offer expedited processing through the priority scheme, ensuring a streamlined approach to obtaining licenses.


The online application for Tier 2 Sponsorship Licenses necessitates the submission of certain supporting documentation, such as details about the designated individual responsible for managing sponsorships within the organization and evidence showcasing the company’s effective systems for overseeing sponsored employees.

To initiate the procedure, the company must first identify the specific job role for which sponsorship is required. This step ensures that the prospective employee aligns with the job’s prerequisites.

Furthermore, the company must adhere to advertising the specific job role for a minimum duration of 28 days in compliance with UKBA requirements, taking into account the evolving legal landscape.

At NMILS our team of seasoned Immigration Lawyers is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes in securing new UK sponsorship licenses. Our approach, which prioritizes the ease and convenience of employers and HR personnel, offers a comprehensive managed solution, simplifying the process of obtaining Tier 2 sponsorship licenses. Our team will guide you from the initial stages of securing the sponsorship license to the final step of obtaining the Tier 2 visa for the prospective employee, ensuring a seamless journey.

Reach out to us today to discover how our team of sponsorship lawyers can be instrumental in helping your business acquire Tier 2 Visa licenses. Once the sponsorship license is successfully secured, we offer a range of optional additional services, including:

  1. Procuring additional Tier 2 certificates for both new and current employees.
  2. Facilitating visa applications for potential new hires.
  3. Managing visa extension applications for your existing employees.
  4. Providing ongoing support for compliance and maintenance of the Sponsor Management System.
  5. Conducting audits and ensuring compliance in matters related to illegal working.
  6. Offering specialized training in the aforementioned areas for key HR personnel and non-HR staff.
  7. Delivering comprehensive advice on various aspects of UK immigration


Our team of dedicated sponsorship lawyers is poised to assist your business in obtaining the Tier 2 sponsorship license promptly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and explore the possibilities for your organization.


Yes! All businesses, irrespective of their industry, size, or trading history, have the opportunity to apply for a UK license without any restrictions or limitations.

We have the capability to prepare a license application on your behalf in just a few days, and typically, the Home Office processes these applications within a matter of weeks. However, if you require expedited processing, there are priority services available to accelerate your application procedure.

Our fees for sponsor licenses typically range from £1500 to £4,000. However, the precise amount may vary depending on the intricacy of the case. It’s important to note that our sponsor licenses include the same money-back guarantee as mentioned earlier.

No, we will provide you with guidance on the required documents, and the process can be completed within a matter of days. Additionally, we can help minimize the likelihood of compliance visits by presenting your business needs meticulously and attentively.