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Student Visa

If you’re considering studying in the UK, you must initiate the application process for the Student Visa. In the post-Brexit era, both European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and non-EEA nationals are required to possess an unconditional offer from a licensed sponsor to meet the eligibility criteria for this visa.

Furthermore, individuals who successfully complete an accredited course in the UK will have the opportunity to stay in the country under the newly introduced Graduate Visa program. This program allows them to reside, work, and seek employment for a duration of up to two years, with PhD graduates enjoying an extended three-year period.

On this page, we present a comprehensive guide covering all the essential information about the new UK Student Route.

Meeting the 70-Point Requirement as a Student 

Although the points-based immigration system may appear complex, reaching the 70-point benchmark is quite manageable. In essence, if you satisfy the primary eligibility criteria, you will automatically accumulate the required 70 points.

Here’s how the points system operates:

  • 50 points: Obtaining a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).
  • 10 points: Fulfilling the financial prerequisites.
  • 10 points: Demonstrating your proficiency in the English language at the B2 level, as stipulated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Eligibility for the UK Student Visa 

To apply for a UK Student Visa, you must meet specific requirements. The eligibility criteria for the Student Visa are as follows:

  1. You must have received an unconditional offer of admission from an accredited sponsoring institution.
  2. You need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from your sponsoring institution.
  3. You must accumulate a minimum of 70 points within the points-based system.
  4. You should possess the necessary academic qualifications required for your chosen course and demonstrate a genuine intention to study in the UK.
  5. You must have the financial means to support yourself during your stay in the UK, as well as any family members or dependents who will be accompanying you.